Vegetarian Street Food from India
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Sam H
Sam H

Vegetarian Street Food from India

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India is Famous for its spices​,​ Chat or street food is like a live Orchestra of spices ​,​ it could be fine tuned to your palate and every new dish is so intriguing it forces you to think what is next. There will be several dishes served​,​ each having it's distinct taste. Please come and join us for an evening and put your palate on an adventure while you have fun with new friends..


Chaat, Chat, Street food, Indian food, vegetarian Snacks, Mango lassi, Chutny, Fun , Unusual food, Tikki, Dahi Bara, Dahi Bada, Gol Guppe, Fuchka, Batashe, PaniPuri


Smoking only outdoors, Dressing relaxed, No Religious or Political discussion, General curtsey and and politeness, COVID Vaccination.

Duration of activity

2 hours

Cancellation policy

Cancel 3 days before the experience for refund. Within 3 days will receive 90% of the refund.

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